Daily archives: 6th June 2013

Jill Dean

Jill DeanJason provided an invaluable health training session to a group of approximately 40 dental nurses at U Dentistry recently. He was entertaining, informative and most certainly full of energy. He covered subjects such as the importance of posture, keeping fit safely and was able to offer many motivational tips. He proved that exercise can be fun! He held a captive audience for over 1.5 hours, leaving all attendees wanting more. For those of you who have not seen his kettlebells demonstration, you do not know what you are missing!

Karl Gwillam

Karl GwillamJason is highly recommended. Having helped us at the Wellchild Foundation with massage and post event therapies for our London Marathon sponsorship runners for several years, I know Jason to be reliable, punctual and extremely knowledgable.

Nicola Bamford

Nicky Bamford and FamilyJason is inspirational and highly motivated, his enthusiasm is infectious, this combined with his quite incredible knowlage and understanding of the human frame and individuals own strengths and weaknesses, means he can devise movement patterns and training programmes that you want to do!

I have chronic rhumatoid arthritis, but you’d never guess, and I move better and am fitter and happier now at nearly 50 than I was at 21. With Jason I do Tai Chi and Qi Gong, and kettlebells and general movement patterns – and it’s all FUN!

Nicola Hopkinson

Nicola HopkinsonI attended for one session with Jason for a painful back. Although I’d heard Jason describe on numerous occasions what he could do from a biomechanical perspective I was cynical to say the least.

However, after my one and only session, Jason certainly could do what he professed he could do. I was astonished at the difference in not just my painful back but my posture and the way I carried myself.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jason as he is worth his weight in gold!

Ken Liu

Ken LiuJason is an expert at blending traditional martial arts health practices with cutting edge fitness training and delivers unique programmes to his clients that always ensure results.

He also walks the walk and is no armchair fitness academic! Something important in any consideration of a personal training provider.

Marcela Dobiasova

Marcela DobiasovaJason´s education, experiences, devotion to the subject of TaiChi and his life attitude are a guarantee of the quality of service you will receive if you engage him as a coach. Permanent studying of his subject matter, willingness to help others and professionalism supported by creative thinking, a sense of humour and the friendly character of Jason Dean predetermines that his work satisfies both his clients and the service providers he connects with as well.

Nadine Hill

NadineHillHaving met Jason 5 years ago, I know he is as passionate about his business now as he was back then! If you connect with him to achieve your health and fitness goals you won’t be disappointed.

James McGilvray

James McGilvrayI’ve known and trained with Jason over many years. No-one has managed to get me to put more effort and energy into my training routines as Jason. He is adept at knowing your physical limits and uses this understanding and his ability to motivate to get fantastic results. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Tamara Colloff-Bennett

Tamara Colloff-BennettDue to long-standing medical problems from a back injury incurred about 25 years ago and other injuries sustained when I was hit by a car some 15 years ago, I was looking for a personal trainer to help with a fitness program and Leeds personal trainer Jason Dean was recommended to me.

From the start, Jason showed a great sensitivity to my hesitation about exercise because of my injuries, a quality which was combined with his expertise, dedication to excellence, and true knowledge that he brought to his profession and the training that I received through him.

Jason was meticulous about giving me the correct treatments during my session, and he was ever attentive to my reactions and reflections during these sessions. Along with maintaining the seriousness required of a professional personal trainer who was actually giving me physiotherapy along with expert fitness training, Jason dished everything up with such amiability, humour and good cheer that every session was a pleasure to attend.

Also, I enjoyed watching Jason’s passion for what he does. Beyond his obvious dedication to fitness and using one’s body as best as one can, it is obvious that he approaches the physical plane with great joy. I found this inspiring.

My attitude towards exercise changed dramatically under Jason’s tutelage: He taught me the merit of exercising in a variety of ways; a renewed respect for the intricacies of one’s muscles in orchestration within our bodies; and the ability to overcome difficult challenges to move beyond towards a higher level of fitness, keeping in mind ones’s specific limitations and needs.

I think Jason Dean is a superior fitness professional, trainer, and athlete. In addition, he is a very bright, dedicated, well read, sincere, sensitive, and caring person.

I most heartily recommend Jason to anyone seeking pain relief or health and fitness expertise.

Barbara Dinsdale

barbaradinsdaleBeing the Director of “Health Yourself”, I am qualified to know that Jason shows true dedication and passion in motivating his clients towards achieving their goals and improving long term health AND wellness.

He uses his skills and experience to guide, educate, mentor and support to promote and enable sustainable change for his clients.

I would recommend Jason to those looking for dedicated expert help in health and wellness.