Daily archives: 7th June 2013

Sammy Blindell

sammy blindellJason is amazing!

The results he helps his clients to achieve really are life changing and his reputation precedes him.

Whether you want to develop a better level of fitness or just want to do something for yourself that takes some ‘health improvement time’ out for you, Jason can help you to achieve your goal whilst helping you to look fabulous at the same time!

Sammy Blindell

Managing Director, ICE Innovations

Carol Buchan

Carol BuchanJason is an inspirational and charismatic person. He transformed our fitness, outlook and health with his leading edge knowledge linking ancient wisdom and western scientific findings to meet the stress relief needs of business people today.

I am really pleased for Jason at the success of Temple Holistic Fitness Centre, it is well worth a visit!

Keep on leading the way Jason.

Carol Bucan

Yorkshire Business Services

Jane Verity-Smart

Jane Verity SmartAs an interior designer I have struggled with backpain for 15 years, having tried everything from yoga, phisiotherapy to osteopath and pilates. Although these methods helped, they did not overcome the underlying issues.

Within a few sessions with Jason, I was feeling better, had less pain and felt much stronger. Jason helped me tone, exercise, gain a better body shape and become more active without it being painful we actually had fun too!

Jason helped me overcome years of backpain with his proven methods, I also feel better in myself and after many years I can now wear high heels again and have fun without being in pain!

I highly recommend Jason and his expertise, if you have any type of joint or muscular pain you should try a few sessions with Jason.

Rick Armstrong

Rick Armstrong, MentorAny health professionals who deal in patient posture, muscle activation, respiration and any aspects of fitness improvement would do well to spend time with Leeds Personal Trainer Jason Dean. Jason is a master of his craft and all those to whom I have referred him have been more than impressed. He is the best.