Kettlebell Bootcamp

The Ultimate multi-functional fitness tool combined with the ultimate fitness program.

The kettlebell looks like a cannonball with a suitcase handle glued to it and comes in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours. It’s a tool whose style of training has been recognised and used by every true warrior since time immemorial.Jason 012

The most recent incarnation of the kettlebell has a shape that was perfected by a group of Eastern Bloc scientists during the height of the cold war and largely accounted for their phenomenal Olympic performances for over 20 years. The secret is out now, however and we provide you with the methods and tools to get the best physical results with them.

Kettlebell training is a dynamic way of working every muscle in your body to great effect – there is nowhere to hide when you train with this tool.

Studies show that those who train with kettlebells improve in EVERY athletic area without doing anything else.

Everyone can train with kettlebells and we have kettlebells from 2.5kg (weight of a small handbag) to 60kg (weight of a small human being) so you are guaranteed to get incredible results.

Call me on 0113 318 9422 or email to book a free body diagnostic and a free beginners kettlebell coaching session, complements of the house.VID00026