Helen Underwood

Helen Underwood, Underwood Training.gifJason worked with me on my fitness training after an injury – his inventive coaching programme not only dealt with the injured area and my overall fitness levels, but prevented the usual boredom of gym exercise and motivated me to work hard (I hate going to the gym and prefer climbing and kayaking, at which I compete!). He is an expert in his field, having many tools available in his toolbox to tailor a professional and fun programme to each individual that deals holistically with the whole athlete. He also created an on-going action plan for me. I know that I will be utilising his services again and would particularly recommend Jason to any sporty individuals wanting to become pain free or improve in their chosen sport.

Helen Underwood

Underwood Training

David Miller, Bartfields

David Miller, BartfieldsIf your car was three years old what would you do? Book it in for an MOT and if it needed new brakes, tyres, or oil change what would you do? Probably pay whatever it takes to make the car roadworthy.

Now what do we do with our bodies? I consider myself to be fit playing tennis up to 3 times a week and going to the gym but how is my body handling that? The simple answer is you don’t know.

I therefore took the decision to have some sessions with Jason to find out more about Muscular Activation Treatment and within 2 minutes and moving my left foot sideways Jason tells me I have a problem in my hip. And so it went on until we completed my body overhaul or MOT. Throughout the sessions you will be amazed at what your body can and cannot do. You will come away invigorated and motivated and generally feel better within yourself.

Being a Chartered Accountant delivering added value as well as value for money to my clients, I can state categorically that Jason does the same.

I have no hesitation in recommending Jason to family and friends and look forward to my next MOT check-up next November.

Tim Sedgewick, TalkStraight

Tim SedgewickI thought I was getting arthritis, such was the pain I was getting when engaged in one of my main leisure activities, Hill Walking. Jason very quickly identified what was wrong. Four one hour sessions with Jason and I no longer had the pain, neither has it returned. This is not just my opinion as I’ve heard many others say the same, but I consider him to be a genius in his chosen field. I would not hesitate a second in recommending him.

Tim Sedgewick

Carl Walsh

Carl Walsh, BedGuruJason first visited me in 2007 to assist me with my training for running and improve my core stability and more recently when I injured my back whilst out running in the deep snow, serves me right! However a call to Jason and he came to my workplace for an hour’s treatment and had me back in shape in no time much to the amusement of visiting customers to a bed store! But good for Jason because as a bed retailer I get plenty of customers seeking help for their bad backs!

Jason always gives you the best advice and exercises designed explicitly for you and are not just generic. His attention to detail is second to none, if you wondered what to do with that spare hour at work or the spate tyre around your middle, don’t go to a gym give Jason a call

Carl Walsh, The Bed Guru

Mike Judd

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJason and I worked together in developing my core strength through kettlebell training and Inner well being through Tai Chi and Qigong.

Jason’s knowledge, enthusiasm and belief in his and my abilities is second to none and he continued to push the boundaries of learning at each session. Within the first few hours of our journey, the personal development of stress management, strength, wellness and confidence levels increased ten fold.

As I no longer live in the UK the lessons I have learnt from Jason stay with me and help me throughout stressful times and in times of need. I would recommend Jason to others seeking strength of body and mind.

Mike Judd



Mark Buchan

Mark Buchan, nLightenJason is a highly capable and personable coach whose attention to detail and to helping me achieve my goals leave me in no doubt about who I use when dealing with matters of my fitness and health. Jason is a living endorsement of his practices and principles which I find to be inspiring.

As an expert in achieving results with your clients Jason, I strongly recommend others to seek out your services

I’m looking forward to working with you again soon


Mark Buchan




Paul Helm, Kerridge Helm Electrical Contractors

paul Helm

“It is with great thanks and appreciation that I write this testimonial to Jason.


For over 15 years I have been walking around with back pain that I had thought would be with me for the rest of my life.


After I just few sessions with Jason the reoccurring back pain had ceased which to me is like a miracle and even after months of not having any sessions with Jason the pain has stayed away.


His expertise in analysing and realigning the body and rectifying imbalances is amazing.


In my opinion Jason is the best personal trainer I have met and he goes a lot further with his knowledge and expertise than anyone else and I wouldn’t hesitate in referring others experiencing back pain to him”

Paul Helm

Sara Trentini

“I can only say this weight loss plan works – it is amazing!