Tamara Colloff-Bennett

Tamara Colloff-BennettDue to long-standing medical problems from a back injury incurred about 25 years ago and other injuries sustained when I was hit by a car some 15 years ago, I was looking for a personal trainer to help with a fitness program and Leeds personal trainer Jason Dean was recommended to me.

From the start, Jason showed a great sensitivity to my hesitation about exercise because of my injuries, a quality which was combined with his expertise, dedication to excellence, and true knowledge that he brought to his profession and the training that I received through him.

Jason was meticulous about giving me the correct treatments during my session, and he was ever attentive to my reactions and reflections during these sessions. Along with maintaining the seriousness required of a professional personal trainer who was actually giving me physiotherapy along with expert fitness training, Jason dished everything up with such amiability, humour and good cheer that every session was a pleasure to attend.

Also, I enjoyed watching Jason’s passion for what he does. Beyond his obvious dedication to fitness and using one’s body as best as one can, it is obvious that he approaches the physical plane with great joy. I found this inspiring.

My attitude towards exercise changed dramatically under Jason’s tutelage: He taught me the merit of exercising in a variety of ways; a renewed respect for the intricacies of one’s muscles in orchestration within our bodies; and the ability to overcome difficult challenges to move beyond towards a higher level of fitness, keeping in mind ones’s specific limitations and needs.

I think Jason Dean is a superior fitness professional, trainer, and athlete. In addition, he is a very bright, dedicated, well read, sincere, sensitive, and caring person.

I most heartily recommend Jason to anyone seeking pain relief or health and fitness expertise.

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